GTA Heists Coming Soon(ish)




Turns out soon(ish) was about right, given the original article (below) was posted back in December. Anyways, GTA Online Heists has now been officially confirmed for March 10th 2015. That’s in a week, folks, so get your houses in order, dig out your masks, and be ready to get your heist on, because this shizzle just got real!


In something akin to a bona fide Christmas miracle, Rockstar yesterday announced that the long awaited Heist missions for GTA Online are finally ready. Or nearly ready anyways, given that we don’t know exactly when they’ll be released just yet.

What we do know, however, is that probably sometime “early next year”, we’ll be able to don our virtual ski masks (or Former President masks if, like me, you’ll be going full-Bodhi) and start robbing stuff like there’s no tomorrow.

In explaining why everything took so damn long, Imran Sarwar, GTA online producer and lead mission designer, explained that, aside from everyone being really busy with general GTA online stuff and the next-gen upgrading shenanigans, they were really just trying to get everything right. As it’s Christmas, and I’m in a forgiving mood, I’m very much prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt on this, and I’d sure as shit prefer to play something decent (much) later, than something rubbish sooner.

And on that front, it would appear to be almost entirely good news too. From what we know, the heist missions seem like they’re going to be absorbing, well thought-out, and, to use the official terminology, totally freaking amaze-balls.


GTA-Online-Heists-5Indeed, a big part of the wait was down to the team wanting to create an immersive, complete experience for the whole heist team. That means that if you’re (for example) the getaway driver, you won’t just be chillaxing outside, singing along to 80s power ballads on the radio while your colleagues do the heavy lifting, but instead involved in your own, intense mission too. In fact, regardless of your role in the team, whether you’re the top-dog, or the hired-muscle, you’ll always play a pivotal, crucial role in the action; making heists a genuine, and genuinely exciting, co-op experience. 

As it stands, there’ll likely be 5 Heist missions (around 20 hours of gameplay), at least initially, but, given the uniqueness of the experience for different crew members, that’s…… (*does math face*)….. well, that’s a lot of different content, right there! So, participating in Heists will require players to be rank 12 or above, and being a team leader will require owning a high-end apartment, but because each role in a crew will offer a substantially different gameplay experience, Heists promises to be engaging and fresh waaaaaaay beyond those initial 20 hours – for everyone. Pretty sweet, right!?

Oh, and did we mention that Heists will be free? 

No? Well, it is, so Merry Christmas y’all!