Batman Arkham Series, God Of War 3 & Devil May Cry 4 All Getting Next Gen Remasters

god of war 3

In the recent spate of re-releases/re-imaginings/re-masterings three more of the previous console generation’s top games are heading to either PS4, Xbox One or PC.

Batman Arkham Series

With the sad news that Batman Arkham Knight has been delayed once again, albeit it marginally, to the end of June, Rocksteady’s Arkham series may receive the next-gen treatment. That is if reports by IGN Italy (By Gamespot) are to be believed. Both Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are rumoured to be heading to both Xbox One & PS4 in time for Christmas 2015. Although not part of the Rocksteady portfolio, it appears Batman Arkham Origins will not receive a next-gen overhaul. The exclusion may be purely down to the developer, but Batman fans had mixed feelings toward Origins, which was undertaken by Warner Bros Montreal. Many felt the tone wasn’t as dark as Rocksteady’s imagining of the Dark Knight and that subtle changes to the combat system coupled with some continuity issues demeaned the series as a whole.

Rocksteady have yet to reply to the rumour.

God of War 3

Sony have decided to bring back to life the critically acclaimed God of War 3. Arguably the best in the series, the move to bring God of War 3 to PS4 makes sense. We have many converted Xbox enthusiasts playing a Sony console for the first time, who never had the joy of watching Kratos kick the teeth in of some of the most powerful Greek gods known to man. Also with God of War being one of the most visually impressive games on previous gen, the transition should be a straight forward one. God of War 3 will run at 1080p, 60 fps and celebrates 10 years of the God of War series. God of War 3 Remastered hits shelves July 17th 2015.

Devil May Cry 4

Finally, Capcom have announced that Devil May Cry 4 will be heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC this Summer. Along with a graphical revamp and our two original main heroes, Dante and Nero, Devil May Cry 4 will also come with 3 other playable characters including Vergil, Trish and Lady. Bringing the character total to five. To top off the included dlc with this new package, gamers can get to grips with the ‘Legendary Dark Knight Mode,’ which sees players fight off wave after wave of enemies.

Whilst there will be many adoring fans screaming with adulation, there will be some cynics out there. After all, unless you sadly missed one of these great titles first time round or you are an undying fan, can you really say your next-gen purchase was justified. Whilst there have been some impressive and original I.P titles released since the Xbox One’s and PS4’s inception(Infamous: Second Son, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall etc) we have seen an over abundance of re-releases. Telltales Walking Dead, Tomb Raider, GTA V, The Last of Us, Metro Redux, Majora’s Mask, Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection and Sleeping Dogs (to name a few), although all amazing titles, are just glorified ports. We could even argue that these previously released titles are still some of the best games available on PS4 or Xbox One. Whilst having a plethora of games is a fantastic thing, and with the exception of indie developers, are we not just being sold the same games on a new console? Can we really justify our next gen purchases? The 20 million PS4’s sold and the 10 million Xbox One’s sold argue that we can.

Although I can’t say much. The Last of Us barely leaves my PS4.

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