Tower of Guns Review

TOG_Screen_02Having researched Tower of Guns, I can’t say I was any wiser as to what I should expect from this game.

The main reason, is that the game is never the same for every play-through. Tower of Guns is a first person shooter which throws players in to randomly generated levels to face hordes of enemies which are basically, cannons, turrets and guns which shoot various projectiles, each with its own properties Whether that is to ricochet on the environment or have projectiles with spinning blades that chase after you.

The aim is simple, complete every level of the Tower and not die. It couldn’t be simpler and that is part of Tower of Guns charm but sadly it’s unfortunate that this is not enough to deviate from its issues.

The graphics of Tower of Guns could easily be a homage to the cell shaded visuals of Borderlands but a reference or influence would be as far as I would be willing to go.

Environments are particularly bland and although this may be picky on my part I found nothing to look at for me to be impressed, leave a lasting impression or wishing that more indie games should try to replicate this particular look or feel.

With the generally basic games that require very little thought to progress, I find it key that the visuals should be inspiring enough to draw your attention away from just how basic the formula is. Sadly this is not the case, with enemy design all being very similar and generic, the weapons you use being unoriginal and even the HUD being disappointingly bland.

With any game, visuals should always be coupled with some great audio but again this is something we are disappointingly short on. Although the music has a high energy synthesised feel, its repetitive, which doesn’t help to distract from the bland surroundings.


With a game called Tower of Guns I was expecting not only some amazingly looking guns but I was expecting some amazingly sounding guns too. Weapon sounds feel muted and dull, with enemies sounding equally so. A lot of the time I was completely unaware that the enemy turrets were firing at all. It felt as though the game was totally absent of sound and atmosphere, which again didn’t help to deviate from the bland environment. I guess it’s no secret by now that I’m not a fan of Tower of Guns but I must admit that it does accomplish many things that it sets out to do.

Terrible Posture, the developers of Tower of Guns had stated that they had always intended the game to be finished within two hours. It’s intended to be fast paced and ultimately basic in its premise. With this in mind, the game is full of replayability, for those that find this type of game fun and rewarding. With each round that passes, the game becomes increasingly more difficult, personally I felt as though it jumped up a notch quite drastically but this will be part of the appeal for those that will enjoy Tower of Guns. The challenge of overcoming its difficulties will undoubtedly bring players back to see how they will fair up the next time around.

From this review, many people will expect that I am being overly critical. That I was perhaps expecting a little more from this title than I should. To be perfectly honest, after reading and researching this title, Tower of Guns should have been a title I loved. Using the basic elements of first person shooters of yester-year, I hoped that it really would be the fast paced manic shooter that it promised. Something similar to a game like as Serious Sam. However I found myself playing something that lacked life or anything that would pull me back to this wave after wave basic shooter.


Undoubtedly, the game’s ability to challenge you in a unique way is present which is unheard of in a lot of games today. I can’t name many games where enemy placement will be unique with every time you initiate the game and this is one of the games major strengths. With the ability to level up your weapons dependant on the number of enemies defeated, this will also keep those that enjoy Tower of Guns persistent in their quest to dominate the tower and finding a reward in this function.

Although it is obvious I was not a fan, I do admire what Terrible Posture Games have attempted to capture here. I would hope that in a sequel or in a remake/re-mastered edition of this game, some of the issues that I personally had could be addressed. Tower of Guns is a challenging and replayable shooter but lacks any engrossing or awe-inspiring moments.