Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Reveal Trailer

Black Ops

Having only just gotten to grips with the futuristic exo-suit shenanigans in Advanced Warfare, it seems that the folks at Treyarch are intent on making me obsolete. Again. In fact, as you can see from the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Reveal Trailer (shown below), there’s a fairly big chance that, come November, all the exo-suit stuff is going to look about as “advanced” as a flint-tipped arrow stuck in the side of a woolly mammoth.


Firstly, there’s all the wall-running parkour stuff, which we’re told will allow players to use the environment as never before – essentially stringing moves together (in a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater kind of way) to rain death upon foes. Then there’s the weapon-ey-arm-ey stuff, which means that, rather than having to, you know, actually hold weapons and that, you can just go right ahead and wear them – Robot style. And then, if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s also the DNI (Direct Neural Interface), meaning that every soldier is linked to each other (and HQ), giving each combatant “omnipresent battlefield awareness” – basically, think Google Glass on steroids.

Unlike Google Glass, that could prove extremely useful though, given that Black Ops III will also introduce a Co-Op campaign mode, giving up to four players the opportunity to take on the story together – and the DNI will give players a “visualized threat analysis of the battlefield”. Essentially, what everyone sees individually will also be seen by everyone else, creating a huge, and instantly available visual representation of the entire Theater of War. And, given that Treyarch have also suggested that Black Ops III will abandon CoD’s more linear Campaign structure in favour of something considerably more open, giving players the opportunity to explore, and to approach encounters with greater tactical freedom, the whole DNI thing looks set to be a pretty impressive tool.

Elsewhere, continuing the “more open” theme, players will be able to customise their avatars from the outset, and Black Ops III will feature an XP/Upgrading system featuring something in the region of 40 upgradeable Special Abilities, which they hope will give the game almost unlimited replayability.


Black-Ops-3_Specialist_RuinIn terms of Multiplayer developments, Treyarch will introduce an all-new “Specialist Character” feature, allowing players to choose from one of nine Special Op soldiers; customising and upgrading unique Power Weapons and Power Abilities as they progress through their multiplayer career. For example, there’s a dude with “gravity spikes” which cause massive damage to nearby enemies, or if you’re ready to go full Skynet, perhaps you’d like to try Reaper – a battle robot with guns for arms and the ability to mess around with time.

Now, considering that Power Weapons and Power Abilities are mutually exclusive, for example, and factoring in the aforementioned number of different characters, Black Ops III Multiplayer looks set to be the most tactically interesting (and consequently addictive) experience to date. 

Pretty cool, huh!?

Black Ops III is scheduled for a November 6th release, and is likely to be the focus of quite a bit of attention in the coming months (including at E3 this summer), so, if this trailer is anything to go by, expect to see plenty of cool stuff between now and the end of the year.