Batman Arkham Knight new gameplay details

The days continue to drop off the calendar and the countdown is on for one of this years biggest and most anticipated games.

New Batman Arkham Knight gameplay details have been released with a trailer to accompany this new feature. The new trailer shows Batman’s battle for Gotham not being a solo one as we originally were led to believe.

Batman is joined by Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman who will assist him during combat and to clear out enemies during invisible predator modes.
Batman will hold down enemies as his allies swoop in for devastating beatdowns and chain attacks together during combat with brutal results.


Rocksteady have also explained that the inclusion of these characters will add a new mode they have named Dual-Play. This mode is not a co-op mode but will allow players to switch between Batman and his allies similar to that seen in GTA V.

The trailer continues to show off more of the mysterious Arkham Knight who has amassed a huge army for his war on Gotham. We also get to see Azrael who appeared before Batman during Arkham City to prophesise Gotham burning and a new villain rising from the flames in the wake of Arkham City’s ruin. Although we see no sign that Azrael will also be an ally that Batman can switch between, it would seem he will appear before Batman and help steer him in the right direction.

In addition to this, Rocksteady have released details of their Season Pass for Arkham Knight which has promised to release content every month for 6 months after the game’s release. Details of the content include Batmobile skins, character skins and most importantly, Batmobile race tracks and new villains which will arrive to invade Gotham in the form of story driven missions.


Details are still sparse on what and who these villains will be and the length of the story missions these will provide. Hopefully we will be provided with some nice lengthy campaigns rather than the short to average length we were given in Arkham City and Arkham Origins.

We are also short on information about the Batmobile race tracks and how they will work, but if challenge maps in the Arkham series are anything to go by then we can expect plenty of addictive replay value.

As the videos continue to come at us for us to feast our eyes on, we continue to wait this much anticipated games release. Batman Arkham Knight is available on June 23rd for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.