Batman Arkham Knight Season Pass details revealed.

It would seem that Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have taken to their forums to reply to some criticism over pricing and content of their recently announced season pass.


Rocksteady have posted this image alongside details that Batgirl will make her Arkham franchise debut as a playable character. Batgirl will feature in a prequel story which builds in to the events of the game.

As to who is under the Batgirl mask is unclear seeing as Barbara Gordon (the original Batgirl) is Oracle in this universe. Barbara assumed the guise of Oracle after being shot and paralysed by the Joker and while being wheelchair bound over looks Batman’s surroundings and provides external support during his nightly activities.

With Oracle (Barbara) being present in this form in the Arkham series and features in the trailers and footage for Arkham Knight, the mystery at the moment is: Who is Batgirl?

No other details regarding the rest of the contents of the season pass have been announced but Rocksteady have explained that more details regarding the invading villains and Batmobile skins as well as the race tracks will be revealed in the coming weeks so stay tunes for more details as we draw ever closer to the release.