Lego Jurassic World Release Date

 Lego Jurassic World Release Date

lego jurassic world release date

Hello Lego Heads. Lego Jurassic World finally has a release date, and lo and behold, it’s the same week as the movie’s release date. Lego and Jurassic Park fans alike can get building worldwide from June the 12th on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS, whilst the movie, Jurassic World, hits the big screen on June the 10th (depending which country you are in.

Accompanying the announcement from TT Games and WB Bros, we also have a shiny new trailer entitled ‘Dinosaur Gameplay,’ which showcases that the game itself covers all four Jurassic Park movies, the voices are taken directly from the movies and that gamers can play as the dinosaurs themselves. Yeah, we get to be dinosaurs. SWEET.

Whilst the first Jurassic Park movie is arguably beyond criticism, the other movies didn’t encapsulate the magic that the first movie managed to achieve (although I can’t vouch for the latest unreleased movie). However, Lego have turned many movie franchises that have perhaps had a dark cloud cast over them, ahem Star Wars Episode 1-3, and turned them into incredibly enjoyable titles. I’d even argue that TT Games’ story telling, at times, has been significantly better than that of the movies they are paying homage to.

Either way Lego Jurassic World hits our shelves June 12th. Enjoy the trailer.