Sheltered Teaser Trailer

Sheltered Teaser Trailer

Yesterday three-man studio Unicube, along with publisher Team17, showcased their first gameplay teaser trailer for the upcoming game Sheltered, a post apocalyptic survival game.

In Sheltered the world has gone to hell. Radiation has encompassed the planet and you, along with your family, must seek shelter in a bunker below the planet’s surface in order to survive.

Originally Unicube was a Kickstarter project but was soon snapped up by Team17, who have been backing a plethora of amazing 3rd party indie titles such as The Escapists, Hay Ewe and Schrödinger’s Cat to name a few. Now Unicube are ramping up development and took the time, via their forum, to talk about the latest features and changes to Sheltered.

Firstly your family can have a huge amount of diversity as you, the player, get to pick the make up of your family unit of four. You can have a traditional set up of mum, dad, son, daughter or opt for something a little different by having two dads or a family made up entirely of females. The message is clear, in an apocalypse – those who survive are your family. And it is that makeshift family that needs taking care of both physically and mentally.

Unicube have emphasised that ‘death comes to everyone, some sooner than deserved,’ and the loss of one family member can have such a catastrophic impact on the group, sometimes emotionally, sometimes because of their skills.

Yes, family members can acquire key skills over the course of the game, so if you lose a son or daughter who is adept at fixing things, you may find your plans scuppered. However, Unicube also explained the benefits of going top side. Not only can you find valuable items such as food and resources but you may come across other people (rather than continually fending off all the mutated monsters. Oh yes there are monsters).

Sheltered Teaser Trailer

As mentioned before each family member has a set of skills and some will have stats that make them an accomplished negotiator. Encounters with living people are actually a rare thing but each encounter presents several options where you can either trade, garner information, intimidate or even recruit. Quite handy if you happen to come across an engineer every time the bunker’s generator keeps conking out. As for the combat, Unicube described it as ‘unforgiving’ and ‘risky’ but would have more details for us later.

Sheltered has no official release date but there will be a playable alpha test available to all Kickstarter backers and a select few as well as a beta which will follow shortly. In the mean time check out the trailer below or visit Unicube’s forum for more information. Also check out our interview we had with Unicube’s very own Dean Foster back in July 2014.