New Xbox One Controller Out This June?

New Xbox One Controller Out This June?Well it looks like a new Xbox One controller is out this June, that is if leaked images from Australian retailer Libro are to be believed.

Originally this information was leaked via Microsoft’s official support page, as the latest support information on the Xbox One controller contained details of a 3.5mm headphone jack port at the base of the controller. This image has since been removed from Microsoft’s page but with Libro advertising the new controller on their website for June the 8th, fuel has been added to the fire (although that image has been removed too).

New Xbox One Controller Out This June?It would appear that no other major changes have been applied to the controller but the reasoning for the change is obvious. Microsoft want a controller that can cater for various headphones, making the controller more accessible. The original design meant that you had to use Microsoft’s own branded headsets or if you owned a ‘proper’ gaming headset by the likes of Turtle Beach, Tritton or Gioteck (to name a few) you had to buy an adaptor to enable them to work. This adaptor generally costs over £20. Whilst this is welcome news for many, those who spent money on the adaptor may feel a little cheated.

This may appear like Microsoft taking another back step to something that was clearly flawed from the start, but their acknowledgement (if reports are true) can only benefit future consumers and anyone who held onto one of their Xbox 360 headsets. Question is, what is to be done with the old controller?

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