Witcher 3: Innkeeper Gwent Card Locations


Witcher 3: Innkeeper Gwent Card Locations

In Witcher 3 many Innkeepers will happily sell you Gwent cards, however, there are three Innkeepers who actually enjoy a game of Gwent too. Should you beat these three innkeepers, each one will give you a rare Gwent card. Below is the exact location of each Innkeeper and the card you can obtain. Should you wish to find these by yourself be sure to check out the notice boards in the game as many players will openly challenge you.

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1) Inn At The Crossroads – Velen

  • Name of Innkeeper – Barkeep
  • Location – Inn At The Crossroad (Velen)
  • Gwent Card – Menno Coehoorn

2) The Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad)

  • Name of Innkeeper – Oliver
  • Location – The Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad)
  • Gwent Card – Tibor Eggebracht

3) The Alchemy Inn – Oxenfurt

  • Name of Innkeeper – Stjepan
  • Location – The Alchemy Inn (Oxenfurt)
  • Gwent Card – Yennefer of Vengerberg