Witcher 3: Big City Players Gwent Card Locations

Witcher 3: Big City Players Gwent Card Locations

We are back with another Witcher 3 guide and walkthrough. This time we have the locations of all four Big City Gwent Card players. These players all have a unique Gwent Card that you can obtain if you manage to beat them.

Twinstick Gaming also has links to other Gwent card locations and missions scattered across the lands of Witcher 3. So if you are struggling to find them all, why not have a peek?

1) Vimme Vivaldi – Novigrad

  • Player: Vimme Vivaldi
  • Location: Novigrad: Hierarch Square – Bank of Vivaldi
  • Card: Vesemir

If you hit up the noticeboard in Novigrad you’ll see a note saying that ‘Vivaldi is a cheat.’ This invites you to take up a game of Gwent with Vimme Vivaldi but just to warn you, this guy doesn’t cheat, but he is difficult to beat.

2) Marquise Serenity – Novigrad

  • Player: Marquise Serenity
  • Location: Novigrad: Passiflora
  • Card: Morvran Voorhis

Be warned the wagers in this game can be quite taxing so make sure you have a good deck before starting a game.

3) Sigismund Dijkstra – Novigrad

  • Player: Sigismund Dijkstra
  • Location: Novigrad: Sigismund’s Bathhouse
  • Card: Esterad Thyssen

Find this Bathhouse right next to Passiflora and look for the crime lord Sigismund


In the game Sigismund Dijkstra can die so play Gwent with him as soon as possible, otherwise the Scoia’tael Trader (gwent card 4 of the Big City Players) becomes the sole merchant player.

4) Scoia’tael Trader – Outside Novigrad

  • Player: Scoia’tael Trader
  • Location: Camp in Hotsch Woods
  • Card: Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno

This one is just outside of Novigrad. Look for a camp just southwest of Novigrad, in the Hotsch woods. It is pretty close to Lucian’s Windmill. One of the traders is a master Gwent player.

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