Witcher 3: Velen Players Gwent Card Locations

Witcher 3: Velen Players Gwent Card Locations

In Witcher 3 there are four Gwent players in the Velen area that you have to beat to obtain a ‘rare’ card they are holding. This guide will show you the location of all four players and the card you can acquire.

Twinstick Gaming also has links to other Gwent card locations and missions scattered across the lands of Witcher 3. So if you are struggling to find them all, why not have a peek?

1) Baron Phillip Strenger aka The Bloody Baron – Velen

  • Player: Baron Phillip Strenger
  • Location: Crow’s Perch
  • Card: Sigismund Dijkstra

You encounter the ‘Bloody Baron’ during the main campaign. Keep an eye out for the mission entitled ‘Family Matters’ in your quest menu. The Baron will send you on various quests and during your time with him you’ll have various dialogue options, one is to challenge him to a game of Gwent. Beat him to obtain the card.

Bear in mind that once you complete the ‘Family Matters’ quest, depending on your choices, you won’t be able to challenge him to a game of Gwent, so get in there early.

2) Old Sage – Velen

  • Player: Old Sage
  • Location: Benkelham (The Descent)
  • Card: Crone: Weavess

If you look East of Reardon Manor you’ll come across a village (Benkelham) with an old man smoking a pipe near a windmill. Alternatively, if you activate the Secondary Mission ‘The Truth Is In The Stars’ you’ll also find him, but we’ve circled his location below.

3) Boatmaker – Velen

  • Player: Boatmaker
  • Location: Oreton (The Mire)
  • Card: Letho of Gulet

This is a little boating village north of Fyke Isle, a place you will likely stumble upon if you complete Keira Metz’ personal quest. If not look at our map below to find the Boatmaker’s location.

4) Haddy The Gwent Prodigy

  • Player: Haddy The Gwent Prodigy
  • Location: Midcopse
  • Card: Vernon Roche

Now this player is unavailable until you beat either (or both) the Old Sage or the Boatmaker. But below is his location once you have.