Witcher 3: Old Pals Gwent Card Locations

Witcher 3: Old Pals Gwent Card Locations

In Witcher 3 you’ll stumble across four ‘old pals’ who happen to be Gwent players. Challenge them to a game of Gwent and if  you beat them you’ll obtain a ‘rare’ card they are holding. These players do not advertise on notice boards so we’ve compiled this guide that will show you the location of all four players and the card you can acquire.

Twinstick Gaming also has links to other Gwent card locations and missions scattered across the lands of Witcher 3. So if you are struggling to find them all, why not have a peek?

1) Zoltan Chivay – Novigrad

  • Player: Zoltan Chivay
  • Location: Rosemary and Thyme (Novigrad)
  • Card: Eithné

In this section you have to beat Zoltan first to gain access to the other 3 players. Luckily he’s easy to find at the Rosemary and Thyme in Novigrad. We’ve circled it below.

2) Vernon Roche – Novigrad (Gustfields)

  • Player: Vernon Roche
  • Location: Temerian Partisan Camp (Gustfields)
  • Card: Saskia/Saesenthessis

The Gustfields are perhaps the largest area in the game but you’ll find Vernon Roche at a dungeon entrance near one of the signposts entitled ‘Temerian Partisan Camp.’ We’ve circled our old pal on the map for you just to make things easier.

3) Lambert – Kaer Morhen

  • Player: Lambert
  • Location: Kaer Morhen
  • Card: Triss Merigold
Available at the end of Act 2
Available at the end of Act 2

To my knowledge this card can be missed but there are two opportunities to obtain it. WARNING SPOILERS.

You meet Lambert on two separate occasions.

1) One is a secondary quest that you have to unlock via the notice board. Search for the mission ‘Following the Thread,’ on one of the notice boards in and around Novigrad. This mission involves tracking down a Ekimmara.

About half way into this quest you will come across fellow Witcher, Lambert. You have many opportunities to speak with him and play Gwent but your best opportunity is at the ‘Nowhere Inn,’ which is where Lambert will sit and wait for you before completing this optional mission.

Take note that, at the conclusion of this mission, Lambert heads back to Kaer Morhen and you won’t have an another opportunity to speak to him until the end of Act 2. Also bear in mind, depending on how you conclude the ‘Following the Thread’ mission, you can in fact annoy Lambert.

2) The second chance to meet Lambert is part of the main quest near the end of Act 2. Without revealing too many spoilers, you encounter Lambert at Kaer Morhen. Enter the fortress and walk into the main hall. Lambert is sat at a table with a dead Ekimmara. During this mission you should have another opportunity to challenge him to a game of Gwent, just keep cycling through the various dialogue options.

4) Thaler – Novigrad

  • Player: Thaler
  • Location: Troll Cave/Novigrad
  • Card: Geralt of Rivia
Marquise Serenity card close up

This card is extremely missable.

In order to find Thaler you have to finish the main quest revolving around Triss Merigold.  You’ll then receive and invitation from Dijkstra at the Passiflora, near St Gregory’s bridge in Novigrad. This opens up the mission ‘A Deadly Plot.’ Towards the end of this mission, you’ll find Thaler in a cave. Explore dialogue options to play Gwent with him. DO NOT JUST CONCLUDE THE CONVERSATION. If he leaves without you playing and beating him at Gwent you will have missed your opportunity to obtain this card.

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