Witcher 3: How to Enter The High Stakes Gwent Game

Witcher 3: How to Enter The High Stakes Gwent Game

Welcome to Twinstick Gaming. We’ve compiled together a guide and walkthrough for Witcher 3: High Stakes Gwent Card Locations and how to enter the High Stakes Gwent game, to help you become a Gwent Master. This secondary quest entitles you to play against some of the best Gwent players in Witcher 3, but the stakes are high.

Here is a link to Witcher 3: How To Play Gwent – A Beginner’s Guide.

There are five high stakes players. These are against Madame Sasha, Patrick Hazelnut, Bernard Tulle, Finneas and Count Tybalt. You can speak with all of them but speak to Madame Sasha, she has insights on the other players.

Firstly, to activate this quest you need to head over to the noticeboard in Novigrad, the one in the upper square near St. Gregory’s Bridge should do the trick. Here you will be instructed to head over to the Passiflora (a place I’m sure you all know by now) at the leisure of one Count Tybalt, speak to The Sneezing Scribe. If you haven’t come across the Passiflora yet, here is the location marked below.

Now there are a couple of proviso’s before you can play against the High Stakes players. First, you need 1000 crowns as an entry fee for the high stakes game (we have a guide on how to make money in Witcher 3 on the way).

Secondly, you need a ‘above average’ deck. What that means is you need a deck, whose value must reach at least 70 points. Remember you do not need the 10 cards you are drawn to equal 70, but the deck in which those cards are drawn must equal 70.

So, we need to give you a few tips on on how to acquire this ‘above average’ deck. Below is a list with a set of links, to the locations of each ‘rare’ Gwent card. Most of these you’ll need to play a competent Gwent player and beat. Some cards can only be acquired during certain missions. If you’ve completed the specific mission and not acquired the card, you may not be able to go back and get it.

Olivier The Kingfisher Inn (Novigrad) Gwent: Playing Innkeeps Tibor Eggabracht
Barkeep Inn at the Crossroads (Velen) Gwent: Playing Innkeeps Manno Coehoorn
Boat Maker Oreton (Velen) Gwent: Velen Players Letho of Gulet
Haddy the Gwent Prodigy Midcopse Gwent: Velen Players Vernon Roche
Marquise Serenity Passiflora (Novigrad) Gwent: Big City Players Morvran Voohris
Sigismund Dijkstra Novigrad Bathhouse Gwent: Big City Players Esterad Thyssen
Scoia’tael Trader Scoia’tael Camp (west of Farcorners) Gwent: Big City Players Cirilla Fiona Elen Rianno
Zoltan Rosemary and Thyme Gwent: Old Pals Eithné
Vernon Roche Temerian Partisan Camp (Gustfields) Gwent: Old Pals Saskia/Saesenthessis
Thaler Troll Cave or Novigrad Gwent: Old Pals Geralt of Rivia
Ermion Kaer Trolde or Gedyneith Gwent: Skellige Style Leshen
Crach an Craite Kaer Trolde Gwent: Skellige Style Draug

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