Witcher 3: Skellige Style Gwent Card Locations

Witcher 3: Skellige Style Gwent Card Locations

In Witcher 3, in the lands of Skellige, you’ll come across five Gwent players. To activate each quest you’ll have to head to the various notice boards to locate each player before you can challenge them to a game of Gwent. If you beat them you’ll obtain a ‘rare’ card they are holding.

Twinstick Gaming also has links to other Gwent card locations and missions scattered across the lands of Witcher 3. So if you are struggling to find them all, why not have a peek?

1) Ermion – Skellige (Gedyneith)

  • Player: Ermion
  • Location: Skellige (Gedyneith)
  • Card: Leshen

Firstly head to the notice board in Kaer Trolde (North west of the main isle of Ard Skellig) to activate this quest, it will be listed under the secondary quest – ‘Practicum In Advanced Alchemy.’ Here you will discover that a druid, Ermion, is a skilled Gwent player, who is also willing to give Gwent lessons. Find him near an old oak tree in Gedyneith (East near Morskogen forest) and beat him to obtain the Leshen card.

Note: You have to beat Ermion, as well as complete the ‘Practicum In Advanced Alchemy’ side quest, in order to unlock the other four Gwent players in Skellige. This quest gives you access to the Gremist.

2) Gremist the Druid – Skellige (Gedyneith)

  • Player: Gremist the Druid
  • Location: Skellige (Gedyneith)
  • Card: Avallac’h

You can find this guy at the same location as Ermion, at the druid camp. However, you can’t play against him until you finish the secondary quest ‘Practicum In Advanced Alchemy,’ which is linked to Ermion (see Gwent Card 1 of this guide). We’ve marked his location for you.

3) Crach an Craite – Skellige (Kaer Trolde)

  • Player: Crach an Craite
  • Location: Kaer Trolde
  • Card: Draug

You will encounter Crach an Craite several times but look out for the main quest ‘The Sunstone’ or the secondary quest ‘King’s Gambit’ if you want to find him easily. He can usually be found in Kaer Trolde Keep shown on the map below.

4) Sjusta the Tailor – Kaer Trolde Harbour

  • Player: Sjusta the Tailor
  • Location: Kaer Trolde Harbour
  • Card: Yaevinn

Sjusta the TAILOR confused me at first because he is in fact the BARBER of Kaer Trolde Harbour. Head there to challenge him. We’ve marked him on the map for you.

5) “Madman” Lugos – South Skellige (Kaer Muire)

  • Player: “Madman” Lugos
  • Location: Kaer Muire
  • Card: Vampire: Katakan

Here is Madman Lugos’ location below. He is south of Skellige but northwest of Snow Giants Arm.

NOTE: Do not complete the ‘Battle Preparations’ main quest before acquiring this card from Mad Lugos. Otherwise you will never attain this card.