Arkham Knight Story pack trailers unveiled.

The news and updates for Arkham Knight have started to come in thick and fast over these last few weeks as we draw closer to the titles release.

Some of the most intriguing news however is the brief reveals of both the Harley Quinn and Red Hood story missions in some recent trailers.

In the past week a trailer for the Harley Quinn story pack has been revealed which shows Harley’s fighting style and just how useful that trusty bat (baseball bat, no pun was intended) really is.
We also get to see Harley very briefly square off against Nightwing as they charge at one another which makes us wonder whether Nightwing will play an integral part to the story of Harley’s story pack.

Another trailer has been revealed for the Red Hood story pack. The trailer shows a sequence of gameplay footage and although it doesn’t give anything away as to what the Red Hood is up to and who he is, it does show plenty of the Red Hood using his signature dual pistols and adopting some of the fighting styles reminiscent of both Robin and Nightwing.
Could this really be Jason Todd, the second person to take the mantle of Robin who was brutally murdered by the Joker?
The Arkham franchise does have a habit of trying to stay as close to its comic counterpart’s as possible so this could be the case.

Since Arkham Knight was launched it was made very clear that everybody who pre-ordered the next instalment in the Arkham franchise would receive the Harley Quinn story pack but it was never fully revealed or explained whether the leaked Red Hood story pack was a console exclusive, store exclusive or even real!

It would seem however that with no real huge announcement that the Red Hood pack is indeed real and is retail exclusive.

Customers of Gamestop in the U.S and GAME here in the UK will be able to pre-order the Red Hood edition of the game which will also bag them the Harley Quinn story pack but it is unclear at present whether those that have already pre-ordered Arkham Knight will be automatically upgraded to the Red Hood edition although it would seem fairly safe to assume that this would be the case.

We will continue to keep you up to date with Arkham Knight as we draw ever close to its release!