Lego Batman vs Superman coming next year?


A recent image release by LEGO has got people wondering whether next year we will see Lego sets of Warner Bros. Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, or a game based on the film property, or both!

Some months ago some stylish posters of both Batman and Superman teasing the new film were released and LEGO have given them the famous brick make over with LEGO versions of these characters.

The posters then tease us further by simply saying ‘Building 2016’. Once again it is unclear whether this is to promote a game in the works based on the Zack Snyder film which is to be released next year or to promote toys based on the film.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have a very close relationship with Warner Bros. being responsible for the distribution of all DC Comics multimedia properties from games to films and animated productions and will not only distribute Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but will also distribute all of DC Comics cinematic universe releases in the coming years and will also distribute the next instalment of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham franchise – Arkham Knight which will be released at the end of the month.

So which will it be? Are LEGO teasing new toys, games or both? Personally – I’m hoping both!