Fallout Shelter for Android Release Window

Ever since its announcement at E3, Fallout fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on Bethesdas mobile game: Fallout Shelter. Lucky for apple users, the wait wasn’t very long, as the game released that night for ios. While it was stated at the time an android version would be available soon, no specific time frame was given. That is until recently when an eager fan asked Bethesda marketing executive Peter Hines when it can be expected to arrive on android users phones on Twitter, at which point he gave a release window which may please Android users.fswindow

Peter Hines says the game is”Coming along nicely” and while their isn’t an official release date yet, it is hoped the game will be available some time “next month”. It should come as little surprise that Bethesdas free mobile game has been a raging success on ios and they have made buckets of bottlecaps from the microtransactions, which could very well have persuaded them to get the Android version finished and out the door. This would give a nice two to three month window where all those itching to play Fallout 4 can tide themselves over with Fallout Shelter. Fallout 4 is sheduled to release on November 10th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.