Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Miagani Island Riddler Trophies

Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Miagani Island Riddler Trophies

Hello and welcome to Twinstick Gaming’s Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Miagani Island Riddler Trophies Guide And Walkthrough.

This guide covers all 41 Riddler trophies found on Miagani Island. 18 of these trophies are puzzles based while the remaining 23 can simply be collected. Each trophy will have a picture of the map revealing the location of each trophy, as well as useful screen shots and a description below.

As with all riddles it’s worth collecting the Freeze Blast grenade from Panessa Film Studios and the Remote Electric Charge Gun from GCPD.

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1) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This one is just outside Riddler’s hideout. There are winches all around this column. Pull out the top pin with the winch from the Batmobile. Shoot the electric generator, with the remote electrical charge gun, at the top of the column to force the ball away from you.

Do the exact same thing with the pin in the middle of the column and fire at the electric generator. The ball should then fall to the bottom of the structure, and you need only winch out the last pin at the bottom of the column to pull out the riddler trophy. Leave the Batmobile, with the winch still attached, and grab the trophy.

2) Miagani Island Collectible

This is on the rooftop of the orphanage (Riddler’s Hideout), near a small canopy

3) Miagani Island Puzzle

This is a shooting gallery challenge but you simply can’t just shoot down the targets in the fastest possible time. You simply won’t be fast enough.

Park the Batmobile on the pad and you’ll notice behind you is a power source for the Batmobile. Winch the Batmobile to the power source and you’ll notice the Batmobile’s missile barrage is permanently active. Do not disconnect the Batmobile from the power source, simple turn the turret and fire your homing missiles at the question marks that light up.

Towards the latter stages several question marks will light up at once. Use missile barrage to hit all targets at once. Once all targets have been hit, the Riddler trophy can be Batclawed from it’s nest.

4) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This is another Riot Bomber challenge. With this stand on the pad, on the platform marked on the map. As per usual throw your Remote Batarang at the nearby rioters (do no hit them). The Remote Batarang will scan for Ridder’s victim. He will light up red once discovered.

Once located, you would usually look for some electricity to throw a Remote Batarang into, then guide that Batarang towards Riddler’s victim. This time it is more straight forward. Wait on the platform with the Remote Electrical Charge and simply fire at Riddler’s victim to disarm the explosive.

5) Miagani Trophy Collectible
6) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Found in the Botanical Gardens on the second floor, near the back wall. You’ll see a hole in the floor you can drop down into another room and the trophy is on some racking.

7) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Botanical Gardens again. This time on the third floor, on a table amongst some plants.

8) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Look for a tall tower made of red girders. You’ll see a elevator that is stuck. Climb on top of it to see that the elevator hatch is open. Claim your prize.

9) Miagani Trophy Collectible

This one is in a monorail cart suspend above a road.

10) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Head over to the Pier southwest of Miagani Island. Here you will see two of Riddler’s robots. Use the Voice Synthesizer to command each robot to stand on a pressure pad. You have to stand on the third pad. Make sure the robots are facing away from you when you climb down otherwise they’ll attack you. Use the Batclaw to claim your prize.

11) Miagani Island Collectible

On the same Pier, head past the Ferris Wheel and towards the very last building. On the rooftop, behind a small structure is the trophy.

12) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This one appears simply at first, but note there are in fact 4 question marks to hit not two.

Firstly you’ll see a Riddler robot. Use the voice synthesizer to command him to stand on the pressure pad. Climb up to the platform opposite the two Riddler symbols/question marks. Now look for a pillar. This pillar has two additional question marks on it. Spray explosive gel on each symbol.

Now stand on the other pressure pad that is on the above platform. We recommend that you fire your Batarangs first at the question marks opposite, then denote the explosive gel on the two question marks on the pillar. You literally have 3 second in which to get this right, so you may need several attempts.

13) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This is a race against time over the rooftops. Use the starting location on the map above the Elliot Memorial Hospital and use the grappling hook to accelerate over the building whilst gliding. Gliding slows you down so grapple to as many rooftops as possible.

DO NOT FAST GRAPPLE ON THE LAST BUILDING. The trophy is on a roof top, if you fast grapple on that building you’ll over shoot your mark and miss the trophy, so just grapple up at the standard speed.

14) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

On this one there are two map locations. The start of the puzzle and the end.

This is a Batmobile Pulse Scan puzzle. Get to the location marked on the map and near Riddler’s symbol, put the Batmobile in battle mode and push up on the D-Pad. This activates the Pulse Scan and green question marks will begin to reveal themselves. Follow the path to the desired location. The question mark will turn into a riddler target symbol. Blow that part of the wall up with the Batmobile and collect the trophy.

15) Miagani Trophy Collectible

This one is under Mercy Bridge that joins Miagani Island and Bleake Island.

16) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Now the map reveals the location of the trophy and where you need to be. Get the Batmobile onto Mercy Bridge and look for a weak wall structure to the west side of the Mercy Bridge. Blow it up with the Batmobile and glide/grapple over to the Riddler trophy.

17) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Firstly winch the weak wall structure with the Batmobile and pull the wall down. Climb inside and you’ll see the trophy locked in a cage on the floor. Note an electric generator above you. Fire your Remote Electric gun at this generator and you’ll notice to your left a set of metal pipes will move forward.

Look behind you to see a Riddler robot. Command him, with the Voice Synthesizer, to walk up to the metal pipes. Take him down to destroy him and leave him in a heap on the floor. Go back to the generator and fire at it again, but use the alternative fire to alternate the flow of the generator. This forces the pipes to slide over the dissembled robot.

Behind you, on the wall, is a question mark symbol. Hit this with the Batarang to re-assemble the robot. Command him to stand on the pressure pad in front of him. The cage has now opened for you to collect the trophy.

18) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This one is a tad tricky. We have marked two locations on the map. The first is where the trophy is, the second is where the car park is that you have to find to get the Batmobile on the rooftops.

Once you find the car park, get to the top story. There is a ramp to boost across (pictured above). Driving across the rooftops in battle mode you should be able to see the trophy and the nearby winch. Connect the Batmobile to the winch and rev the engine until the power supply blows. Grapple across to the other building to collect the trophy.

19) Miagani Trophy Collectible

On one of the walls (high up) on the Gotham Casino, there is a weak wall structure. Destroy it with the Batmobile to claim your Riddler Trophy.

20) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Another Riot Bomber Challenge. Stand on the pressure pad and use the Remote Batarang to scan for Riddler’s victim – he should be near the Ferris Mall archway. Once found, launch another Remote Batarang and collect the electricity that is sparking from the Ferris Mall sign (you have to pass through a small whole on the top). Once the Batarang is charge hit your target – done.

21) Miagani Trophy Collectible

This is half way up the Gotham Herald building. Simply glide into the weak wall structure to claim the Riddler trophy.

22) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This is a simple Robot brawl. Defeat the robots to unlock the trophy from its cage. Hit the big question mark with a batarang to turn the RED Robots to GREEN. So you can defeat them.

23) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Use the Batmobile to winch the blocks left to right until the ball drops to the bottom. Then collect the trophy.

24) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Inside the donut above the Black Canary Club.

25) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Inside Pauli’s Diner from the beginning of the game – Use the Batclaw.

26) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Use the Batmobile on the winch and lift up the big Lacey’s sign. Hold the Batmobile’s position and blow open the weak wall structure. Leave the Batmobile winched and grapple up to collect your trophy.

27) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Look for the large Vikki Vale Billboard sign. Adjacent to that is a weak wall structure. Glide into it to obtain the trophy.

28) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

This is simple. Use the Batmobile winch to tear down the wall and collect the trophy inside the building. Once collected a sentry gun will block the exit. Use the remote Batmobile to take it out.

29) Miagani Trophy Collectible

You probably came across this in story mode but just in case you didn’t. Head under the tunnels and find a militia camp. Above is a platform with yellow railings. Grapple up there and collect the trophy.

30) Miagani Trophy Collectible

On top of the tower.

31) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Behind a weak wall structure at Grand Avenue Station.

32) Miagani Trophy Collectible

In Grand Avenue Station on top of a parked train.

33) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Glide through the window of this building to obtain the trophy on the table.

34) Miagani Trophy Collectible

This is in a service stairwell east side of the Wayne Building. This can be accessed from the ground floor or half way up the building. The picture featured shows the entrance half way up the building. The trophy is hidden in a room under the stairs.

35) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Another Riot Bomber Challenge. Stand on the platform on the northwest side of the Wayne building. Use the remote Batarang to scan for Riddler’s victim. Then use the Remote Batarang again to harness the electricity on the left (pictured above) and hit your target to disarm the bomb.

36) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Behind the Wayne building is another Riddler puzzle that involves the Batmobile’s Pulse Scanner. Follow the questions marks around the building. Boost over the ramp to clear the water and follow the questions marks to your desired location.

You will come across a gate blocking your path. Leave the Batmobile and grapple to the other side of the building and use the remote hacking device to open the gate. Find the green Riddler marker and use the Batmobile’s cannon to blast open the wall and collect your trophy.

Please note that you may have to return to the start if you leave your Batmobile as sometimes the scanner doesn’t work, this may happen when you attempt to open the gate.

37) Miagani Trophy Collectible

This trophy is opposite the Wayne building. Use the Batmobile to destroy the wall marked on the map. Glide over to retrieve the trophy.

38) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Power winch the cog and the Riddler trophy will begin to elevate on the right hand side. Climb out of the Batmobile and quickly Batclaw the trophy in the gap that is about 2/3’s up.

39) Miagani Trophy Puzzle

Use the winch from the Batmobile and fire the cannon to destroy the wall just above the winch pin. Leave the Batmobile winched. Climb in and collect the trophy. Now you are trapped by Riddler’s robots. Use the remote control Batmobile to release the winch to crush the robots and again to pull us the container to escape.

40) Miagani Trophy Collectible

This is on top of a structure. Easy to spot.

41) Miagani Trophy Collectible

Head to the lone island in the middle of the map, where the statue is. On the north side is a weak wall. Climb up and glide north but quickly sweep back gliding south to smash open the weak wall. You now have every Miagani Island Riddler Trophy.

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