Destiny: The House Of Wolves Is A Step In The Right Direction

Destiny’s latest DLC ‘The House Of Wolves’ was released recently, and after playing it for a while I have to say I‘m impressed in more ways than one. When Destiny first came out many people had a few bones to pick with Bungie about their ‘expansive cinematic worlds’, and rightly so. Bungie have clearly had their ears open to the mountains of feedback they’ve received and made many changes over the past year. At this point, Destiny has only been out for 10% of its contract length and if this first year has been anything to go on, then the next 9 years are sure going to be interesting. But let’s first talk how Bungie are finally moving Destiny in the right direction.

Destiny: The House Of Wolves Is A Step In The Right DirectionBeing Unique

Back when the best mission was the Vault Of Glass, the main gripe that came with it was that everyone ended up looking the same. You would go to the tower and see most Guardians equipped with the same white shader (an item which re-colours all your gear to a preset one) with the same raid armour. It looked cool and yes it was powerful, but was it what everyone wanted? No! A lot of RPG players out their value looks before all else. What’s the point of wreaking havoc in the Crucible if we all look the same? Bungie addressed this concern with the latest DLC, by releasing an item calledEtheric Light,’ which upgrades any legendary or exotic item to the highest level it could be. This meant that players could choose how they look, but retain the highest level possible. That means that people can now collect whichever armour they like and still feel powerful.

Destiny: The House Of Wolves Is A Step In The Right Direction
The Face off…..

Competitive Destiny

Destiny’s Crucible mode (player versus player) is fun. Sure it’s unbalanced, with most people running around with the same guns all the time, but every now and again you come across games that are pure joy to play.

With the House Of Wolves release, Bungie upped their game in terms of PvP with the opening of the Trials Of Osiris. This game mode is meant for the highely skilled Guardians out there, and strongly discourages those who can’t face such high intensity. Trials Of Osiris is open from Friday to Tuesday every week, and tasks you with winning as many 3v3 matches in a row. The catch? You can only lose 3 times per entry before you’re booted out and forced to reenter from 0 wins. The best loot is reserved for those that can get more wins, and with a special reward for those that win 9 matches without losing once. Being totally honest, it’s one of the most thrilling things I’ve done in Destiny to date.

Bigger To Do List

Destiny (like many other MMORPG’s) runs on a weekly reset basis. This means that you can only run each raid/nightfall/heroic once a week and receive rewards. You’re free to do them again and again (say to help your friends) but you won’t be rewarded. When the Dark Below came out people started to say that the content was beginning to wear thin, and I was one of those people.

I ran each raid and the nightfall and then found myself with nothing to do but annihilate people in the Crucible (still fun). With The House Of Wolves, they’ve given us more and more stuff to do. Aside from Trials Of Osiris (detailed above) we now have the Prison Of Elders, which is basically just a Horde Mode for non-Guardians out there. This pits you and 2 teammates with surviving wave after wave of enemies and beating a boss at the end. There are 4 levels of difficulty to do each week, which has sometimes felt like too much to do, ironically. This means that now I can hop on Destiny at any time and have plenty of things to do, if the mood strikes me. Sure it may get old at some point, but by then The Taken King will be out and we’ll have even more to do!

Destiny: The House Of Wolves Is A Step In The Right Direction
More Classes?! Gimme!


What Should The Future Hold?

Destiny’s future is looking bright, but there is still a lot to improve on. Destiny isn’t perfect, and the fans know that more than anyone. Let’s list what Bungie should look to for new changes.

  • More actual storytelling. Cut-scenes are a great way to tell a story.
  • More raids. Raiding is by far the best part of Destiny.
  • PvP balance. Some classes far outperform others. Same with weapons.
  • More Unique Armour. It’s both a good/bad system when exotic armour gives extra perks. But when armour gives useless/terrible perks? Pointless.

So tell us Destiny fans and haters, what do you think Bungie should do to improve Destiny over the next 9 remaining years? We’d love to hear from you.