Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Panessa Film Studio Riddler Trophies

Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Panessa Film Studio Riddler Trophies

Hello and welcome to Twinstick Gaming’s Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Panessa Film Studio Riddler Trophies.

This guide covers all 21 Riddler trophies found on Miagani Island. Each trophy will have a picture of the map revealing the location of each trophy, as well as useful screenshots and a description below.

As with all riddles it’s worth collecting the Freeze Blast grenade from Panessa Film Studios and the Remote Electric Charge Gun from GCPD.

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But firstly in case you don’t know here is the location of Panessa Film Studios. It’s where Robin is working on a cure on Bleake Island.

1) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Quarantine Cells

You’ll see that this Riddler trophy is in a locked room.

In the quarantine cells you’ll see a tall structure with electricity sparking off it. Throw a remote batarang at this and guide it back around to the caged window above the doorway to the film studios. Once in guide the batarang out of the room and turn 180 degrees to reveal an electric fuse box. Hit the batarang into the fuse box to open the locked door. The Riddler trophy is now available to collect.

2) Panessa Film Studios Trophy – Quarantine Cells

Hit the targets with a batarang in the order pictured above.

3) Panessa Film Studios Trophy – Backstage

As soon as you walk through the backstage door, look for a door to your left. In that room is a locked Riddler trophy. You’ll see a bunch of Riddler robots through the window. DO NOT JUMP IN AND START FIGHTING.

Best option is to go through the vent on your left, sneak below the robots and head to a room directly behind them. You’ll see a bunch of weak wall structures. Use Fear Takedown to dispatch all robots within the 5 second time limit and the trophy will unlock.

4) Panessa Film Studios Trophy – Backstage

In the main area of the back stage is a giant robot statue. Pull open it’s chest plate with the bat claw to reveal a trophy.

5) Panessa Film Studios Trophy – Backstage

Now this one is tricky or confusing at first glance. Look at the big statue with the question mark on it. Throw a batarang at the question mark and the statue is then set to turn clockwise or anticlockwise (use the green arrow as reference). Fire the remote electrical charge gun at the nearby generator to make the statue revolve. Use the alternate fire button at the generator and the statue will stop revolving.

At the base of the statue are three markers A,B and C. You need to stop the arrow (located at the base of the statue) at each marker without passing the reset marker at the south point of the statue. I originally stopped the marker (clockwise) on B to turn the marker to green. I then went anticlockwise back to A, stopped. Then clockwise all the way to C, stop. The Riddler trophy then releases from its cage.

6) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Backstage

Head towards Stage C but do not enter. Facing the Stage C door, turn right and you’ll see a locked gate. Use the remote electrical charge gun at the generator above the door to open the door.

Stand on the first pressure pad and then line launcher across to the second pressure pad directly ahead of you. As you attempt to line launcher back to the original pressure pad, look to your right to locate a third pressure pad. Whilst zipping along the line launcher, quickly fire another line towards the third pressure pad. Once you land on it the floor is no longer electric fired and you can collect the trophy with the batclaw from a nearby wall.

7) Panessa Film Studios Trophy – Backstage

With this one you’ll need the freeze blast grenade to seal the steam pipe above you. Grapple up and below you is a Riddler robot and ammo crate. First use the disruptor on the ammo crate. Then use the voice synthesizer on the robot and command him to open the crate. It will explode opening the Riddler trophy in front of you.

8) Panessa Film Studios Trophy – Backstage

This is on the way to Stage C. Look for another gate with a generator above it. Use the remote electrical charge to open in.

Once inside you’ll see 8 generators in a room. In a clockwise direction, let’s assume number 1 is the furthest left and the furthest right is number 8. The panel of lights in the middle indicates whether you are hitting the generators in the right order.

Here is the order, in which you need to zap the generators in, with the remote electrical charge to unlock the trophy.

1 – 5 – 7 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 6

9) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Backstage

The last trophy in the main backstage area. Next to the entrance to trophy 8 is a weak wall structure. Denote some explosive gel on this wall.

Just before the locked gate (and trophy), stand on the pressure pad and you’ll see a vent to your left. Throw one remote batarang into the vent and find a riddler question mark to hit. This will then open up the second riddler question mark within the air vent. Repeat the process with the remote batarang.

Finally throw a third remote batarang into the vent, catching the electricity. Turn right in the vents and head into the room and guide the batarang to a nearby fuse box (near the locked gate). Once the fuse box is hit the gate will open.

10) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage A

Head to Stage A. Immediately upon entering you’ll see a room to your left and right. If you head right and look around the room you’ll see four coloured lights. This is the answer to the puzzle. The lights should be Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Now head into the room on the left. You’ll see a pressure pad. Stand on it. This will light up four riddler question marks. Make them match (from left to right) the colours from the other room. Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

11) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage A

Grapple up to a platform at the back of Stage A. You’ll see a giant robot statue. Batclaw off the chest plate and then use the remote electrical charge gun to overload the generator. The trophy is right next to you.

12) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage A

Just below trophy 11 and still in Stage A, are two sentry guns. Remote hack one so you can sneak up on the other. Disable both to unlock the riddler trophy placed between the two sentries.

13) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage C

Just outside Stage C (where Johnny Charisma escapes to) is a locked trophy on a table. You’ll see a riddler question mark directly behind you but every time you enter the room or look at it, the question mark deactivates.

However, there is a vent below the question mark. Follow it around until you come to a room. Fire your remote batarang through the vent and all the way back to the question mark. Go grab your prize.

14) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage C

On the stage where Johnny Charisma was singing, is a locked trophy. Head over to the console on the revolving dance floor/stage. Activate it.

Riddler will appear on a screen and challenge you to three memory tests. He’ll name several colours and you have to hit the various coloured questions marks either side of the large screen in correspondence with the ones that Riddler shows you.

REMEMBER IT IS THE COLOUR OF THE FONT YOU NEED TO HIT – NOT THE NAME OF THE COLOUR RIDDLER IS DESCRIBING. E.g if the screen says yellow but the colour of the font is green, then you need to hit green.

Write them down to remember the sequence.

15) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage C

Last trophy in Stage C. Northeast corner is a slot machine. Make all the symbols match by using the remote hacking device to stop/start the four control panels, like the picture above.

16) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage B

Head to Stage B. As soon as you walk onto the main set you’ll see a large fan at the bottom of a staircase. Above the fan is a control panel. Use the remote hacking device and work out the password to stop the fan. Collect the trophy.

17) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage B

Still in Stage B, in the south east corner is a room that is accessible through a small vent. You’ll see a pipe with a ball in it, that contains the riddler trophy. Throw your freeze blast grenade at the hole in the pipe and the steam will push the ball along. Repeat the process with the other 2 holes. Collect the trophy at the bottom of the pipe.

18) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage B

Near trophy 17 in Stage B, there is another room accessible via a vent. Stand on a pressure pad and a question mark will light up in the distance. To you left is a vent, throw the remote batarang through the vent until you hit the question mark. The riddler trophy is nearby.

19) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage B

Head to a platform on the far west side of Stage B. You’ll see an electric generator. Fire your electrical charge gun at it. Initially you may not notice but two weights have moved behind you. The one on the left is the one you need (make sure you spray it on the inside). Spray explosive gel on it.

Grapple up to a heightened position so you can see the generator and the two weights.

Fire at the electrical generator again with the alternative fire and you’ll notice that the weight with the explosive gel passes a weak wall structure. Detonate when the gel is within range of the wall. The trophy is in that room. Use the pictures as a guide.

20) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage B


Still in Stage B head to the room furthest north, it’s an office of sorts. Above is an air vent. Grapple up.

Once there you’ll see an electrified floor. Line launcher across and stand on top of the line. Turn around to see two steam pipes. Plug them up with the freeze blast grenade. Grapple up and head straight on until you see a drop to your right. Collect the trophy.

21) Panessa Film Studio Trophy – Stage B

Last trophy in Stage B. At the bottom of the staircase is a vent. Drop down into it. You’ll see with detective vision that there are two mines. Now you need to upgrade your disruptor to disable mines for this one. Disable the mines and slide under the gap to collect your trophy.

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