Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

With the release of Arkham Knight drawing a close on Rocksteady’s award winning trilogy on the amazing adventures of everyone’s favourite brooding bat, many of us are left un-satiated and desperate for more. Well there’s some comic books that would be great for lovers of the bat to get their mitts on. So here we have a list of comic books Lovers of the arkham Games Should Read!

Some things happen throughout the Arkham series, especially Arkham knight, that could leave some people a bit in the dark story wise, however the stories Rocksteady have constructed are based around the copious amounts of pre-existing material, and here are a few that can clear everything up for you!

  1. The killing Joke

Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

This comic is quite possibly one of the most iconic Batman novels and offers a fantastic backstory and insight into the Bats most iconic villain, The Joker. This is a great entry level comic for those who don’t really read comics, and gives details of the Jokers past encounters with the likes of the commissioner and Oracle aka batgirl.


  1. A Death in the family

Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

A brutal look into how far the Joker will go for a good laugh. The story follows the relationship of Batman and his second iteration of the boy wonder, Jason Todd. A very significant story arc which changes how Joker Plays his games and punishes Batman like never before.


  1. Under the Hood

Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

A classic case of “that’s not how it happened in the books…” this comic lightly features the Joker, but also has batman go up against a foe that seems to know everything about him, and I mean everything. A perfect read for those who have finished the Arkham Knight, and if you can’t be bothered to read, Warner Bros have gone ahead and made it into a film “Under the red Hood”


  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

Lesser Known as Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, a comic with very striking and trippy imagery. Batman is informed that the Prisoners of Arkham are loose and now run the facility. With intense interactions from many of the bats villains and a telling of the birth of the asylum, this read will leave an impression.



Still can’t get enough? Well in honour of the upcoming Batman VS Superman movie id suggest picking up frank millers The Dark Knight Returns.

Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

After a hefty length retirement, Bruce Wayne fights his instincts to don the cape and cowl as crime rates rise and normal life leaves him bored and unsatisfied. Is the Knight to far gone to really come back, and does he risk awakening some old demons along the way? A fantastic read from Frank Miller that also features Americas Kryptonian Boy scout.


The last one I’ll suggest is the most recent: Death of the Family.

Comic Books Lovers of the Arkham Games Should Read!

Not to be confused with the similarly titled comic mentioned earlier, this novel takes place in the New 52 universe recently created and is an excellent Joker based story arc with all you’ve come to expect from the clown prince of crime. After removing his face and a yearlong hiatus, Joker returns to Gotham with the intention of getting the best he can out of his greatest love, Batman.

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