Arkham Knight Batgirl Trailer and Release Date Revealed

A trailer and release date have been revealed for Arkham Knights first Season Pass content “A Matter of Family”.

The title which is clearly a play on the infamous Batman storyline title – A Death in the Family, is a prequel to Arkham Arkham Knight Batgirl Trailer and Release Date RevealedAsylum and shows Batgirl working alongside Robin to save her father, Commisioner Gordon, who is being held captive by The Joker and his hench-wench, Harley-Quinn.

The DLC is being developed oddily enough by Arkham Origins developer Warner Bros. Montreal and not Rocksteady who were the developers of the main Arkham Knight title.
With this said, the DLC does look to be shaping up nicely with a completely brand new area for you to explore, The Joker in some new duds wearing a sinister top hat and sporting an even more sinister RPG and Harley Quinn wearing her classic Paul Dini and Bruce Timm animated series wears rather than the completely unrelated to a harlequin and slightly deranged prostitute look that she is often dressed in these days.Arkham Knight Batgirl Trailer and Release Date Revealed

The trailer shows Barbara making use of her own unique load out including a hacking tool which makes use of her knowledge of computers and hacking as seen when she takes the role of Oracle and also shows her putting all manner of hurting on The Joker’s goons.

With the game not being set during the events of Arkham Knight, some people will be happy to know that not a single tank will be in sight and will only focus on the combat and invisible predator challenges of the franchise. To top it off, this new area will even have its own side quests and collectables.

A Matter of Family will be released for XBOX One and Playstation 4 Season Pass holders on July 14th and a week later on their respective stores on July 21st for sale individually for £6.

PC owners will have to sit tight however as no release date has been scheduled so far, undoubtedly down to the performance issues the main core title is having so far.

We will keep you up to do date with any developments as and when we have it.