Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Stagg Airship Riddler Trophies

Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Stagg Airship Riddler Trophies

Hello and welcome to Twinstick Gaming’s Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Stagg Airship Riddler Trophies.

In this guide there are 21 Riddler trophies to collect across the two Airships. 12 on Airship Alpha and 9 on Airship Beta. Below is a guide with the location of each trophy, as well as a gallery and description of how to solve each trophy puzzle.

1) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

Enter the Airship via the trapdoor on the top of Airship A. On the way to the foyer, you’ll see a caged trophy. Use the remote hacking device on the panel inside the cage and use the thumbsticks to spell the word ‘Friction.’ The cage will open and the trophy is inside

2) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

You need to head down to the lowest floor beneath the foyer. Here you will see a remote hacking device panel near the ceiling, beyond the caged-off area. Hack it and spell ‘Gradient.’ Tilt the ship back and forth until the ball finds its way to the bottom of the track. Collect the trophy in front of you.

3) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

After collecting trophy 2, look directly behind you and above. You’ll see a cage with a generator above it. Zap it with the remote electrical charge and grapple up to collect your prize.

4) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

Once again in the base of the airship, after collecting trophy 3, you’ll see some large crates. Tilt the airship (left shoulder button) to the right and you’ll reveal an air vent. If you need to use the remote hacking device to lock the crates into place. Once the crates are to the right you’ll see an air vent with the trophy inside.

5) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

Same area as trophy 4. Lock the crate furthest left as far left as you can. Tilt the ship and shove the other two crates to the far right and lock them in place. An open doorway should be revealed behind the crates. Head through there until you come across a Riddler pressure pad. Stand on it and face the painted question marks.

Above the question marks is a small gap. Use the remote Batarang and guide it through the gap to hit an illuminated question mark. Collect your trophy with the Batclaw.

6) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

Now for this one you need to tilt the ship, however, in story mode you may have missed the opportunity to gain access to the tilt controls for this part of the Airship. So to do that, first you need to head to the cargo hold, on the ground floor. At the back of the cargo hold are two locked doors. Go to the one furthest right and open it with the voice synthesizer. You’ll see the airship controls that you have to access but they are protected by a turret. Use the remote hacking to temporarily deactivate the turret (you can wander over there and disarm it properly should you wish). You can now take control of the ship by accessing the tilt controls.

Head back to the cargo hold and you’ll see the glass floor. In the bottom corner (southeast) you’ll see the trophy you need to get. Use the remote hacking device to hold the crates in place but you need to create a path to the centre. You will also need to move the crates that are in centre of the glass floor, towards the north part of the ship and lock them in place. A trapdoor should be revealed. Head down into the glass floor, via the trapdoor furthest east and make your way to the trapdoor in the centre of the glass floor. Follow the vent and you should come out where the trophy is.

7) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

Still in the cargo hold open the door furthest right with the voice synthesizer (if you haven’t already). To your left is a trophy trapped inside a glass room. To your right and directly above you is a weak ceiling structure. Use explosive gel on it and stand clear. Detonate and a crate should fall down. Tilt the ship back and forth until you manage to smash both pieces of glass with the crate. You will now see the trophy on the ceiling.

8) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

After collecting trophy seven head to the very back to a corridor with a turret in. Disable the turret with the remote hacking device and walk over to it to take it out (if you haven’t already). IAt the end of the corridor is a trophy to collect.

9) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

In the same corridor as the destroyed turret (near trophy 8) you’ll see a ceiling port. Grapple up. There will be a bunch of Riddler pressure pads which you cannot stand on. Use the line launcher and walk along it. Grapple up the ceiling port above you and in that room look for the highest ledge. The Riddler trophy is up there.

10) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

Head back to the cargo hold. Grapple high up to the entrance of the Research Laboratory. But before entering you’ll see a platform you can grapple up to. Turn 180 degrees and you’ll see three Riddler question marks. Quick Batarang the questions marks and then Batclaw to collect the trophy.

11) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

In the Research Laboratory head to the wall furthest north and you’ll come across a monkey locked behind a cage. Use the remote hacking device on the panel to unlock the cage with the word ‘Bamboo.’

Once the cage is unlocked the monkey will (if possible) follow your movements. So if you go left the monkey will go left. You’ll also see a question mark to batarang. This moves the cage door between the upper and lower tiers. Guide him to the furthest right using the batarang to unlock the gate. Once he is on the pressure pad, lock the monkey in the cage. Grab the trophy that has unlocked from the side of the cage.

12) Riddler Trophy Airship Alpha

This should be the last trophy in Airship Alpha. Similar to trophy 11. There are two monkeys locked in a cage.

Once the cage is unlocked the monkey will (if possible) follow your movements. So if you go left the monkey will go left. You’ll also see a question mark to batarang. This moves the cage door between the upper and lower tiers.

Move right and the monkey will attempt to move right. Use the batarang to move the cage door. Repeat this until the monkey is at the far right of the cage. Lock the monkey in the cage so they are standing on a pressure pad. This should release the trophy (to you left) on the ceiling. Batclaw the trophy to collect it.

13) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

There are two ways to enter Airship Beta. From the cargo hold of Airship Alpha there is a cargo door. If it is open you can glide across. If not you need to glide over to the front of Airship Beta and you’ll see a huge hole in the airship. Head inside.

For this guide we will assume you went in via the from entrance.

This will bring you to Biological Engineering. Directly below (east wall) you’ll once again come across some monkey’s in a trapped cage. The password is Chimpanzee.

Once the cage is unlocked guide both monkey’s to the far right, by walking over to the far right, using the batarang to free any monkey that is stuck, as this will alternate the cage door between the upper and lower tier of the cage. Lock the monkey on the bottom in his cage and move left. The top monkey will move left unlocking the riddler trophy in the nearby cage to your left.

14) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

Northest in the Biological Engineering is a locked gate. Use the voice synthesizer and collect the trophy inside.

15) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

South in the Biological engineering are some air vents that lead to a room hidden under the stairs. In there is a trophy locked in a cage. Shoot the three electric generators on the ceiling with the remote electrical charge to open the cage and collect the trophy.

16) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

North of the centre of Biological Engineering, is a room on the first floor that is located under the stairs. Access to the trophy is blocked by a steam pipe. Use the Freeze Grenade, which you can acquire from Panessa Film Studio’s next to one of the cells, on the pipe. Go in an collect your prize.

17) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

In the south-west corner of Biological Engineering is another monkey puzzle. Unlock the cage with the remote hacking device. The password is ‘primates.’ Remember the monkeys follows the direction you are moving to and the Batarang is used to hit the question mark to move the cage door to the upper and lower tier.

Move to the far right and get both monkeys to follow you, alternating the gate with the batarang. Lock the monkey on the bottom row in the cell furthest right. Move left and the monkey on the top row will move left to stand on a pressure pad. This unlocks the trophy.

18) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

Near the cells in the subject testing area is a computer at the far end of the corridor. Activate it and cell 5 should open. The trophy is in there.

19) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

At the end of the arched corridor is a weak wall structure. Use explosive gel to detonate it and find a secret room on the Airship.

In this puzzle is a cage with several blocks above you. Ahead, but slightly to the right, is a doorway. Firstly let’s assign numbers to the blocks. 1 being the furthest left and 5 being the furthest right. Tilt the ship left (left shoulder button) and lock the 4th block as far left as possible. Tilt the ship right. Walk through the doorway and you should be able to grapple up through a ceiling panel to get on top of the cage.

From the ceiling unlock all the blocks and tilt the ship right. Lock the 2nd block in place. Tilt the ship left. Climb down the ceiling panel furthest left and you should drop down on the trophy.

20) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

This one is tricky or at least you can mistake this trophy for a Founder’s Island trophy. If you head towards the exit of Airship Beta you will see two turrets guarding a corridor. Next to you is a gate locked by a voice panel. Use the voice synthesizer and a crate will appear. Tilt the ship to destroy the turrets.

The crate will fly out of the window but the trophy is hidden in the crate. Follow it out of the window onto a small wooden perch below to collect your trophy. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU COLLECT TROPHY 21 FIRST BEFORE EXITING THE AIRSHIP.


21) Riddler Trophy Airship Beta

This is the last trophy. Past the destroyed turrets is the exit to the Airship. You’ll see a Riddler pressure pad and a switch. Hit the switch as it opens the airlock doors. If you stand on the pad and look outside at Airship Alpha you’ll see five Riddler question marks lighting up left to right, then de-lighting right to left. You have to hit the furthest right riddler question mark once it is lit. However, it is only lit for a split second so use the remote batarang to slow down time and time your shot perfectly.

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