Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Founder’s Island Riddler Trophies

Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Founder's Island Riddler Trophies

Hello and welcome to Twinstick Gaming’s Batman Arkham Knight How To Find All The Founder’s Island Riddler Trophies.

In this guide there are 41 Riddler trophies to collect. 25 are straightforward collectibles the remaining are 16 puzzle based trophies. Below is a guide with the location of each trophy, as well as a gallery and description of how to solve each trophy puzzle.

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1) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This is a race that actually starts on Bleake Island but finishes on Founder’s Island.

Head behind the GCPD building (Bleake Island), you’ll see a boarded up gate to drive through. At the very back of the GCPD is a winch. Once activated a race will begin. Whilst it is tempting to race across town following the GPS – DON’T.

From where the car is facing boost forward towards the sea and super eject yourself out of the Batmobile (better if you have the upgrade). Use the statue of the Lady of Gotham to accelerate yourself across the water. Alternate between dive bomb and gliding to reach you destination.

2) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Found at the most northern part of Founder’s Island on the lighthouse structure.

3) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Straightforward. Glide into the weak wall and smash through. Collect the trophy inside.

4) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy Puzzle

Apparently there is a way to solve this with a line launcher. However, I took a slightly different approach.

Open the door with the winch on the Batmobile. Grapple up and stand on the green pressure pad. This opens the cage to the Riddler trophy. However, if you stand on a red pressure pad the cage closes. So I chose to grapple and accelerate up the crane nearby outside. I glide back around at speed and floated over the red pressure pads to collect the Riddler trophy.

However, there is a much simpler way, thanks to Neil Miller (in the comments below). Once inside the cage just use the remote control on the Batmobile and un-winch the door. The door will close creating two points of contact for your line launcher. You should then be able to clear the pressure pads easily.

5) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Face the Trade House and high up to the side of the entrance is a weak wall structure. Smash through there to grab your prize.

6) Founder’s Island Ridder Trophy

Head to the road under ‘City Vision Construction’. You’ll see an abandoned shop. On the side of the building is a collapsed wall. The trophy is inside.

7) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

Power Winch the gate open with the Batmoble. Voice control the robot onto the pressure pad with the voice synthesizer.

8) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This is a race. The starting point is marked on the map. You need to head to the lower tier of Founder’s Island and above the Killinger sign.

9) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

Winch the pin high up on the building and pull out the wall to reveal 3 question marks. Have the Batmobile hold the wall open and jump out of the car. Quick Batarang the 3 question marks to unlock the trophy from its cage on the side wall. Batclaw to collect.

10) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

Drop down near the river (northeast). You’ll see a shutter with an electric generator. Use the remote electric charge to open it. Enter the room and hit the illuminated question mark with a batarang to close the shutter, that has two armed turrets behind it. Collect the trophy behind the cage.

Once you do that Riddler Bots block your way. You can’t fight them so use your remote batarang on the question mark to open the shutter. The turrets make short work of the bots. Use the remote batarang to close the shutter and leave.

11) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Head to the Gotham City Train building (Ryker Heights) and on the main floor, on the northern side, lies a collectible on top of a yellow cabinet.

12) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

On a platform of Wayne International Plaza (east side).

13) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This is a relatively simple pulse scan riddle. Go to the location marked on the map, near Ryker Heights (lower tier) and activate the Batmobile’s pulse can and follow the green question marks to the desired location.

Only tricky part is that the question marks go up to a sewer access panel. Grapple up there and quickly call for the Batmobile and commence scanning. If you leave it too long you have to start all over again. Continue until the end where you find the last marker. Blow a whole in the wall with the Batmobile and collect the trophy inside.

14) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

Use the voice synthesizer to command the robot to stand on one of the pressure pads and have Batman stand on the other. Use the Batclaw to grab the trophy.

15) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Underneath the bridge marked on the map is a trophy you can grab with the Batclaw.

16) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Near a Militia Compound and opposite the Solomun Grundy riddle, lies a trophy hidden on top of a derelict building.

17) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Head back to the Pretty Dolls Parlor, where you encounter Pyg in the Perfect Crime Most Wanted Mission. You’ll see a floor grate. Hop in and come out the other side and destroy the destructible wall with some explosive gel. Collect the trophy.

18) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

In this one you’ll see several Riddler bots in a cage. Use the voice synthesizer to command one of the robots to stand on the pressure pad. This open a door to your right, go through it. Use explosive gel on the weak wall and then proceed through the air vent. You will now be outside the room with the bots. Use fear takedown to dispatch 4-5 of the bots and defeat the rest. Batclaw the trophy on the nearby wall once all bots are defeated.

19) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This is a TRAP ROOM. Use the Batmobile to winch open the wall. Head inside and stand on the pressure pad. The cage to the trophy will open. You need to use the batclaw to grab it. The second the trophy is collected a cage will drop down trapping you, and a wall of spikes will head straight for you. Don’t panic. Switch to the Batmobile with the remote control and winch the wall. Switch back to Batman and escape.

20) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

On top of a derelict building, not far from trophy 19, lies another trophy on a set of stairs.

21) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

This one is high above the Pretty Dolls Plaza and is just above where the militia set up a compound. You’ll see a destructible wall that needs to be destroyed with the Batmobile. Look at the gallery below and there is an area with a yellow girder. You need to place the Batmobile on top of that platform. We’ve marked the location on the map for you. Destroy the wall and collect the trophy.

22) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

Head south from puzzle 21 and you’ll see another pulse scan Batmobile puzzle. Follow the trail until you come to a building where the Batmobile can’t drive up. Behind you is a bridge the you can winch and turn into a ramp, so that you can drive the Batmobile up there. Do this quickly as the question marks will reset. Boost up the bridge to the adjacent building until you find the final marker. Destroy the wall and collect the trophy.

23) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Another tricky one. Place the Batmobile near the red square in the picture below (not far from the Bank of Gotham). You should be able to see the weak wall structure on the Goth Corp Building (east side) from this position. Destroy it and collect the trophy inside.

24) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This involves a bot and a turret. Simply command the bot with the voice synthesizer to stand near (but not in front of) the turret. Temporarily disarm the turret with the remote hacking device and command the bot to collect the trophy. You’ll need to disarm the turret again, then command the bot to the exit where you can take him down and steal the trophy.

25) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This puzzle requires the remote electrical charge and the Batmobile. Fire the remote electric charge at the top (horizontal) generator. This should attract the ball and drag it up. Quickly winch the top generator and pull to the right. The ball will drop to the hook in the middle.

Fire the gun to make the ball attracted to the vertical generator and move the horizontal generator far right and hold it in place with the Batmobile and quickly fire at the top generator. The ball should drop to the bottom.

Pull the horizontal generator to the left but not all the way. Fire at the top generator to attract the ball but fire at the vertical generator to repel (alternate fire) the ball. You should now be able to collect the trophy.

26) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

This is on a platform under the Penitence Bridge

27) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Use the Batmobile to destroy the weak wall up on a walkway high up. Grapple up to claim your prize.

28) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Up on a platform marked on the map.

29) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This is a race that starts on Miagani Island. Head to the Botanical Gardens and the large red tower nearby. On the platform high up on the tower is a starting pad. Before you begin, call the Batmobile to the base of the tower in advance. Then begin the race.

Dive off the tower directly into the Batmobile and race to Port Adams. A trophy is waiting on a large cargo container inside a cage. Beat the timer to claim it.

30) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Near the entrance to Port Adams inside a cabin.

31) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy

Southeast side of Port Adams on a platform near the water.

32) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

This one takes a bit of time but you’ll find a large caged container with tons of Riddler bots. Sadly you can’t fight them. Instead stand above the cage and use the voice synthesizer to command each bot to stand under the adjacent crate (you can only do a few at a time).

You’ll see on the crate directly above that there is a riddler symbol to hit with your Batarang. When you do that the create slams down on the bots. Rince and repeat this process until all bots are destroyed. The trophy is inside the cage.

33) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Puzzle

You’ll see a cargo container with 3 winch pins at the side. You need to stand at the side of the container adjacent from the Batmobile near the 3 winch pins. Remote control the Batmobile to pull out each of the pins as quickly as you can, starting with the nearest to the furthest.

Throw the remote batarang through the gap you’ve just created via the winch pins you’ve pulled out. Navigate the batarang to the question mark and hit it. On the other side of the container the door has opened. Now go and collect your trophy.


The next set of trophies are all found in a network of underground tunnels/subway accessible from Port Adams. We’ve marked the location for you below. Use the Batmobile winch to activate the elevator.

34) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

Directly in front of the elevator is a cabin high up. Climb to its roof top to find a hole in the roof. The trophy is inside.

35) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

This is where one of the tank drones were hidden when you made your way to the Arkham Knight.

36) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

On the other side of the water. Above where the controls are to lock the bridge into place.

37) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

In this room look directly above for some pipes. Grapple up to them.

38) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

From the central room turn left and smash through the large wooden barrier. Follow the road around up to a ramp. At the side of the ramp lies the trophy.

39) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

Once again from the central room turn right and smash through the wooden barrier. In this large room look for some girders above. The trophy is up there.

40) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

On the ground floor of this room look for some steps. The trophy is placed on a table in front of some circular containers.

41) Founder’s Island Riddler Trophy – Subway

Look for the structure pictured below. The trophy is above.

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