PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight – REVISITED

After the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight was released in a sorry state, Warner bros opted to remove the game from Steam and from stores until the game was fixed. Well now, after just over four months, the game has been re-released onto steam. PC users will find an 11 gigabyte download patch bringing fixes and the DLC that has been available to all the consoles has been pushed out in a new state deemed playable by Warner Bros. With this news I’ve downloaded the patches and jumped back into Gotham as the caped crusader to see if there’s any noticeable differences.

On the note of graphics, effects that were missing at launch are now present in the game, and Arkham Knight no longer looks worse than the PS4 version. Gamers with a semi-decent gaming rig will be able produce superior visual quality to both consoles.
Most PC users will be happy to know that the 30fps cap the game shipped with has been lifted… for about a minute. Yes while the game can now be played with a 60 fps cap, it still has serious issues with lag spikes. Whether its using the batmobile, grappling and gliding, or even in basic combat, the game can randomly drop 20 frames rather frequently, sometimes over 30. Even when graphics settings are turned way down in an attempt to compensate there’s still no avoiding the janky game play. This was one of the biggest issues with the original release and has remained unresolved. The reason offered up is that the Hard drive that the game is stored on isn’t able to push the information fast enough. Any PC users who don’t have an SSD unfortunately will likely run into this issue. One slight solution to this is locking the game at 30fps. Although the game still may slightly stutter at points, the cap will stop the regular stuttering from being such a problem.

While the game isn’t a glitchy ugly mess as it was upon initial release it still has issues with frame rates. From what I can tell its like the game was never intended to be played above the 30fps cap all versions shipped with. The game just can’t retrieve information fast enough even fairly powerful gaming rigs to cannot handle without using an SSD, rather than the conventional and much cheaper HDD. The consoles have HDD’s, and many PC users will have them since a decent sized SSD for game file storage would cost a considerable amount.